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Our Story

Hey! I'm Hannah, a 26 year old Jewellery Designer from Kent, England. I founded Hannah J Jewellery in 2014, aged 22 after my best friend Becky Toms sadly passed away. Having been creating jewellery since my University days, Becky was my biggest fan and had always encouraged me to start a jewellery business under my own name. Sadly Becky was never able to see what my company has flourished in to over the years, however a part of her will always remain with me and every design I create.

    Handmade Jewellery By Hannah J
    Personalised Jewellery By Hannah J
    Best Friend Necklaces For 3

We create beautiful personalised jewellery in Sterling Silver & Gold. Each piece of jewellery we create, is to the highest quality, with our signature high polish finish. All of our designs can be Personalised with either engraving or initial add ons.
Our jewellery is designed to be extremely modern, minimalistic and above all else wearable with any outfit. We create jewellery to celebrate the happiest times in your life, such as the birth of your children, and also to commemorate the worst times such as remembering loved ones who have passed.

Each and every design is handcrafted in Britain, with Worldwide Shipping available. <3

Where To Buy!

Whilst our website is under construction, to purchase please visit our Etsy Store.

Personalised Jewellery by Hannah J Jewellery Etsy.

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